Tobacco Basket Decorating

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How do you decorate with Tobacco Baskets? I am going to share with you 4 ideas on how to use Tobacco Baskets to decorate your home.

1.Wall Groupings/Architectural Elements
Use your Tobacco Basket as part of your wall grouping or an architectural element in your home. Who says there is a wrong way to hang a Tobacco Basket? Vertical, Horizontal, Upside Down, Wrong Side Up, is the basket not perfect maybe a little damaged, it just adds character to your Display.

2. Adding Frames/Signs/Wreaths
One of the easiest things to do is to add dimension to your Tobacco is to add something to it. Wreaths, Family Pictures, Painted Scenes, they all add some dimension to the Tobacco Basket and another element of decorating to bring your room together.

3. As a Tray/Centerpiece
Use your Tobacco basket as a tray/centerpiece decorating element on your Dining Room Table add candles and flowers, or your living room place it on your coffee table fill them with books, candles, greenery or old mason jars.

4. Use them to Layer
Do you have a little shelf, a mantle, bookcase or even a little nook? They do not always have to be the focal point but can be great at helping to pull a look together. Layer on a shelf with bookends, vases, candles or any variation that suits your room.

Adding Flair, the  use ribbon to attach your signs, flowers, picture frames with bows or knots it just adds another layer, option to bring your whole room together or a chance to add a pop of something bold like a pattern or color.

How do you use your Tobacco Baskets?

Heather Flaherty

Heather’s Custom Creations LLC