What are the requirements for the design files or artwork to be engraved?

Most of our clients provide their own design. An Adobe illustrator file with all of the elements/layers separate and fonts embedded/packaged is ideal.

But avector file or high res jpeg will also work. Black and white is preferred. Anything in black will be burned by the laser with any areas in white untouched.

We charge a file set up fee on all jobs to cover the time it takes to prepare your file for production.

If you do not have an existing design, we can also add your logo and text to a basic template at no additional charge.

Or if you would like us to create a unique, custom design for you, we charge a fixed cost that includes one round of revisions.

How big of an item can I have engraved?

Our laser bed is 36"x55" with a bypass.

What type of wood can you engrave?

We usually recommend baltic birch because it provides a nice contrast and is reasonably priced.  Our other favorite is walnut. but we can also cut and engrave basswood, cherry, maple, bamboo and alder.

What Materials Can you Laser Engrave?

We specialize in wood. But like to experiment with the following materials. If we can’t achieve the best results, we’ll refer you to someone else.

The following materials can be engraved and cut by our laser engraving machine: 

  • Acrylic | Cork | Fabric | Leather | Matte Board

  • Paper | Pressboard | Rubber | Wood | MDF

The following materials can be engraved, but not cut:

  • Ceramic | Glass | Marble

  • Tile | Tortillas

  • Some coated metals including Anodized Aluminum*, Stainless Steel*, Brass*, and Titanium*

* Bare metals must be coated with a metal marking solution. (Only metals with a plastic coating, anodized surface or etchable covering can be used with the laser.)

The following materials are prohibited and we can not engrave or cut them:

  • ABS | Fiberglass | Foam core

  • Polycarbonate | Polymer clay

  • PVC | Styrofoam| Vinyl

I have an item that I want engraved, but I don't know what it's made of.
Can you do it?

Probably not. But email us with more detail or bring the item in. If you have more than one we can run a test on the extra or we can do a test on the item you want engraved it usually involves a pulse on the item to see  if the laser penetrates the material.